Love Thy Neighbor Capitalism™

Love Thy Neighbor Capitalism

Love Thy Neighbor Capitalism. Friedman Had it Wrong

Love Thy Neighbor Capitalism™

December 17th, 2016

By Savvy, Inc.

Our philosophy, called Love Thy Neighbor Capitalism™: “It is in an individual and firm’s best interest to share economically with other members of society.”

In a free market system the owners’ money comes directly from employees of theirs and other firms.

The main responsibilities of a business are filling needs in the marketplace and empowering a healthy customer base with theoretically unlimited resources. Lining the pockets of owners with reckless disregard for other stakeholders is, and always has been, a poor strategy for sustainable free market democracy.

Friedman’s system has led to massive global income inequality, a polluted, overpopulated world, and 200 trillion dollars of global debt.

All it takes is a little consideration for other members of this crazy, dynamic, volatile free market. Let’s save the day!